Our Signature Platforms are tested & proven mobile platforms ready for use.

  • AutoVSA mobile app
  • Emergency Notification
  • P2P Campaign Marketing

AutoVSA mobile app:
Every sales person needs a V.S.A. Virtual Sales Assistant. AutoVSA helps sales people get; more leads, customer referrals and customer recommendations. AutoVSA gives your customer an easier path to sending you new business.

"Word of Mouth" is the best form of advertising and with AutoVSA the experience is easy, fun and rewarding for your customer. Want to increase sales from 20%, you need AutoVSA!

P2P Campaign Marketing
To reach today’s society, you have to get in their face! In a COVID society I know that's tongue-in-cheek, but I mean it.

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) mobile marketing, allows campaigners to reach voters via their chosen vice of communiqué, the mobile phone. The platform allows campaigners to send a text message directly to potential voters. The cost per contact rate is fractions to phone banking, door canvassing and / or mailers. Texting has the highest open rate of all mediums 90%, which makes it a cost effective campaign addition.

P2P mobile marketing is trending nationally with forward thinking campaigns. More important, volunteers are more eager to sign up for P2P, over door-to-door canvassing and phone banking.

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"Text Me Now"
Emergency notification

From bad weather to police activity in your children's school area, every parent wants to know instantly, the status of that facility. When parents entrust their children with you, communication is the most important link to their "peace of mind". In today's society the use of an Emergency Notification platform tells parents you care.

“Text Me Now” is great for non-emergency information and businesses to support local schools, churches and non-profit organizations.